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Warmth Returns

I feel the sunshine

In my inner self

She is so comforting

She finds me when I get lost

and tells me I’m really not that lost

She tells me to find a flower

and then I’ll be able to know

that I’m okay

my inner self

needs lots of compliments

so the sunshine spreads around the news

and the clouds, grasses and hill sides all

tell me I’m really beautiful

and that makes me feel like peaches.

Loving the new warmth.




Thoughts on Summer-Time

Today picknicking with the big pine trees

Liking the way the ham sandwhiches make me laugh

Enjoying playing catch with a friend

And the sunshine that was just soaking down onto my face

Summer is like sliding around a slippery water park

Where there is an assortment of fun activities

and you sort of wonder when your mother

might call you home to dinner

I think watching the stars

at Summer folk was amazing

and I hope they guide us well

during the fall season

after all no one is really

going to do those chores

but me so gotta do it

with a song in my head

and some love in my heart.

Mixed Up

Whether it’s alzeimers

or forgetfulitis

it seems as though that

it’s hard to remember these days

The seagull flying so low

does it have trouble

knowing where to fly

Forgetfulness can be sort of funny

but I like to know who I am

and what I am doing

afterall the collection

of information just

sits there if

not used.

Like the pine tree

tall and proud

I feel so good

as I remember

things at appropriate times

Maybe the seagull will fly

by the pine tree

and they’ll both

reach greater understanding.

The schizo symptoms back off.

We’ve been too loud…

We’re too annoying

let’s give her a chance

to write and play


We’re too negative at times…

let’s go back to sleep

in the tombs

we lie in


Here or there…

let’s see her be more well

let’s see her have the

quiet time

Jesus wants her to have


Here or there..

let’s see her

have more resilience

and more stamina


We’ve just got to

be quiet

Why is it so hard


I’ll pinch you

if you talk to her


Oh that’s too bad..

it’s not a party afterall

She’s a hard worker

let her work.

My Special Wish

I search for reasons to stay in my room.

Too hot to do much.

Sweating, showering, shaking.


the fan blows air,

and still it is too hot,

to think too much.


I miss a functional room,

When is the moon full?

Can I howl at the ceiling,

hoping for a tree to appear,

and shelter me with it’s cooling essence,

And can I wish upon a star?

Finding the old wishes –

from last month,

and dipping them,

in chocolate,

before I have a taste.

I can smell,

the after effects,

of some really,

nice love….

it smells like mint,

fresh from the garden,

inviting more of the,

same kind of ,


in the future.

I guess that is my wish!

Inside and Outside

I’m inside again

Looking out my window

Remember the time we had ham sandwhiches on the beach

Remember the time you cooked me that marshmallow

I’m looking out my window

but I don’t feel as locked in

I feel like there are ways to break free

I feel like there are ways to be me


The wind blows

and the fan moves air

I remember how the

sun feels when it is

just the right temperature

and feels so great on my skin

I hope that the sunshine

of the spirit feels rejuvinated.

Flying around

I fly around from

person to person

I don’t know

where to land

or what is okay

or weather safe

in what I want

I fly to the top

branches and

then I’m afraid to

open my eyes

so I get low

close to the

ground and it

feels like I am

a forgotten old apple

fallen off a tree

and so once again

I fly

from person to person

and where I stop

nobody knows

round and round

round and round

I go.